The government consider universal traffic bans on Wednesday

The point of unnecessary travel is to be addressed in order to limit the number of cases

The government is following the universal ban on the movement of citizens, following the Spanish model.Although the matter has been discussed at meetings under the prime minister, it has been considered inappropriate to be implemented by the authorities this week. However, according to, cross-referenced information is expected within a week.

In particular, the government is considering imposing the measure of a total ban on traffic from noon on Wednesday. The evolution of the number of cases is expected to play a decisive role in the final two days.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, however, seems to be defending the measure, as he believes that the ban will make a decisive contribution to achieving the government’s goal.

What does Universal Traffic Ban mean?

It is of great interest to see what it means to virtually ban travel, once it is decided by the government and this black. Under the law, citizens will be banned altogether.

The only exceptions would be the case of persons working in the state apparatus or who may have a special permit from an official public authority justifying their movements. Only trucks and vehicles carrying food, medicines and products necessary to supply the units that are open will be free to move.

Exceptionally permitted movements of patients who have to go to diagnostic or medical centers with the demonstration of a medical certificate. Police forces will patrol around Attica 24 hours a day and scrutinize civilians.

As mentioned above, the issue of universal disillusionment with travel is being seriously considered by the government.

In fact, according to information, he was honored during yesterday’s meeting in the Maximos Palace. There it was decided to re-examine it on Wednesday morning. According to experts’ estimates, it is highly unlikely that the government will not proceed with the imposition of this measure.


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