The government is asking the committee of experts to open the restaurants & cafes earlier

The government has asked the Health Committee of Specialists to consider opening restaurants, cafes, etc. on May 25 , provided that the epidemiological data on the development of the pandemic are on the expected course.
Experience to date shows that where we have the opening of economic and social activity in an organized way and in compliance with health rules, the results are positive. According to information, the recommendation of the Health Committee that meets at noon will be positive for the cafes to re-open.

Moreover, the lifting of the restrictive measures in place to combat the pandemic continues, always taking into account the epidemiological data and the opinion of experts and adhering to all measures to protect public health, so that with gradual but steady steps we return to a new everyday life.

Antiseptics on the tables, disposable salt and pepper and table for 5 people

The way in which the catering companies will operate again is   revealed in the Open TV bulletin, according to information coming from a reliable source involved in the consultations between the infectious disease specialists and the government officials. What is certain is that the tables that will be set up in the restaurants will be for four people or 5 if there is a family of five with 3 minors. 

  • Salt, pepper and dressing will all be disposable to minimize the contact of objects from person to person
  • Antiseptics on the tables
  • Masks, staff gloves
  • Fans in closed spaces that will “expel” outwards

The big “thorn” in the consultation with the infectious disease specialists is how many tables will be set up, since on the one hand there are the health protocols that must be observed and on the other hand the viability of the companies.


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