The government’s plan for travel, tourism, schools & the elderly

The government’s plan to lift the restrictive measures was unfolded by State Minister George Gerapetritis, in an interview with the Star’s main news bulletin, with specific reports on what will happen to travel and tourism, schools and the elderly. “The purpose was, in accordance with the measures, to be able to regain our lives, to be able to re-enter society and the market,” he said. As he specifically explained, there is an operational plan drawn up by the government, which is fully developing the whole transition to normalcy. Without giving an exact date for the start of the new phase – and that’s because, as he said, it depends on the epidemiological data – he estimated that in early May we will have the first phase of the transition to normalcy,Transition period in the two months of May – JuneThe measures will be de-escalated in a way that will test their implementation, said G. Gerapetritis. making the parallel with a rooster, which will open, be tested, will probably shrink again. It is a dynamic system of transition to normalcy, he concluded. What is certain, as he stressed, is that the transition phase will last throughout the two months of May and June – that is, we will have a gradual de-escalation of the measures. Shops will be opened, any traffic restrictions will be reduced, we will have a gradual transition to normalcy, but following certain rules that have become part of our way of life, he clarified.

Everything will be put to the test by following the rules of public health. “We, above all, in this very large experiment in which the Greek State was tested, we had public health as the primary goal and, I think, that is why this exercise was successful,” he said, reassuring that again with great care and reservation. the greatest quality of human life will be observed. “We will be cautious, we will open up what we need to open up, we will lift restrictions on traffic,” he said.

Abolish the sms system

Asked if the opening of the stores would coincide with the expiration of the sms shipment measure and so on, the Minister of State replied: “It is self-evident that since we will have a gradual opening of the market, it is logical that we will not need it. There will no longer be the necessary restrictions on traffic, that is, it will not be declared “, he stressed, noting that the restrictions on co-ordination will still exist, ie limited number of customers in stores, individual hygiene measures, special care for vulnerable categories.
“It simply came to our notice then that our lives would not be the same when we were in the transition to normalcy in May. It has become part of our own consciousness and the collective subconscious, that we should now observe a different way of life “, said G. Gerapetritis later. In other words, good personal hygiene, the lack of large-scale co-ordination, the protection of our vulnerable fellow human beings are now elements that we will respect anyway. It is a great asset that we have acquired. “If we gain something in the time that has passed and we have, unfortunately, this small scale in the loss of human life, it is a fact that we have learned that we must comply with what epidemiologists are telling us,” he added.

Moves outside the prefecture

Asked if he would be able to travel outside the county, he confirmed that there would be a gradual de-escalation in terms of intercity traffic. “All this great experiment, the difficult exercise in which the Greek government I believe was very successful, that is, to stay home, to fight the virus, was not done in order to stay forever in a quarantine,” he said. : “The purpose was, in accordance with the measures, to be able to regain our lives, to be able to re-enter society and the market. So, under this version, the reality is that, indeed, we will be able to take a vacation this year, to have social interaction, observing the rules that will be imposed on us in a different way, but still outside, in our social and economic life. ”

Greece is a major tourist destination

Asked about the tourist season, the Minister of State singled out domestic and foreign tourism: Regarding the former, there will be no serious problem, he estimated. In any case, he added, the internal transport will be operational during the summer, and the hotels will be opened in two phases, ie some hotels will be opened first and later the other units. Provided, of course, that things go as they go and we have a complete normalization of the epidemic curve.

When it comes to foreign tourism, it is clear that “it is a much more difficult exercise, which also includes a European policy” – an issue that the minister said would be discussed by the European Council and the Council of Ministers. As it approaches, there should be a common policy, without prejudice to the rules of public health and environmental protection. “I feel that our tourism will work well,” he said, referring to today’s Bild post – following many reports praising our country and the way the health crisis has been handled – which he believes is our country. now the safest tourist destination.

In fact, the Minister of State expressed his feeling that from a relatively limited tourist pie in the world, Greece will be the main tourist destination. Certainly with revenue losses, of course with a significant recession, but on the other hand this year’s tourist year will not be lost, he said, promising that the government will take care to maintain a balance between public health and the economy.

All schools will be opened with the utmost care for the health of the students

The interview then dealt with the issues of education: To the extent that things will turn out as they seem today, that is, to have a steadily declining trend in cases, victims and intubation, “schools will open, probably at different stages ( Gymnasiums, Lyceums, Primary Schools) but they will still be opened “. At the same time, he clarified that “chronology is something that depends on many conditions, it has to do with the number of cases, the spread of the epidemic, with environmental conditions – but still, if things go this way, schools will open without prejudice. opinion of epidemiologists “.

However, the Minister of State clarified – commitment, that even in the case of schools there will be a central business plan, so as to ensure the health of students. “It simply came to our notice then. They will be classes that will take full care of public health. If we see in any case that something is not going as we would like, we will intervene regulatoryly, so that we can make the necessary corrections, “he explained.

No to age racism

Regarding restrictive measures, especially for the elderly, he said he was convinced that “Greek society is extremely mature, he proved it, and I am proud of the fact that without enforcement – it was not so much the coercion imposed by the Greek State as the I am convinced that we have supported our entire policy – society has mobilized and been able to react effectively to the virus. The same will happen now: I don’t feel that there will be coercion for older people, we are not going to fall into some form of age racism. ” What will happen, he concluded, is that there will be very strict recommendations for vulnerable groups. It is also in the interest of our fellow human beings who have underlying diseases or are older, to take precautions, both for themselves and for other people. “I feel there will be an instinct for self-preservation and self-regulation of society itself,” he concluded.

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