The Governor of the Ionian Islands signed the inclusion of the protection and promotion of the Vaulted Tomb of Tzanaton Kefalonia in the Operational Program “Ionian Islands”

With special satisfaction, the Regional Governor signed the inclusion of this project with a start date of the operation on June 10, 2021 while an end date is set for December 28, 2023 .

The beneficiary of the deed is the Directorate for the Restoration of Ancient Monuments (code 1010802).

The Regional Governor expressed her satisfaction for the development of the integration of this project after regressions, ambiguities and entanglements that deprived Kefalonia and our Region of the emergence of the great monument, namely the Mycenaean Vaulted Tomb at Lofer, Lozos which was built in 1350 BC.

The coveted project includes archaeological works, documentation and promotion of the Vaulted Tomb, forced expropriation or direct purchase of real estate for archaeological purposes, as well as a landscaped route from the entrance to the monument .

The complete plan of this important project will be presented to the public in more detail, announced the Regional Minister Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou.

Scope includes;

1. Scientifically proven archaeological site.
2. Photographic and design documentation of the monument
3. Imaging with laser scanner
4. Preserved mobile finds.
5. Tree-planted archeological site
6. Electric wheelchair.
7. Two (2) trilingual information signs, one (1) in Braille
8. Trilingual brochures for the visually impaired in Braille and a guide
9. Archaeological map of Poros area in printed and digital form.
10. Digital monument documentation, geomorphological and geoarchaeological analysis, palaeographic remodeling, spatial data GIS and database.
11. Digital virtual reality application for guided tours with personalized information.



Documents of specialization studies at application level: Architecture, Special architecture – restoration, Geotechnical,
Static, E / M maintenance and tender documents.

a) Permanent shelter for the protection of the Mycenaean vaulted tomb and its covering
b) Inside the shelter, a metal corridor for visitors to move and view the monument, as well as all the required E / M facilities
c) Fixing and protection of the monument by restoring its shape and ensuring its static operation against overturns (burial hall, ancient road)
d) Visitor service building (outpost, ticket office, toilets). Archaeological site fencing, entrance door and landscaped parking.
e) Formed traffic route from the entrance area to the monument. 

Full scope below



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