The Greek American women who collected 13,000 euros for the victims in Kefalonia

The three Greek-American women raised money for those affected by the disasters of the bad weather in Kefalonia

Three Greek-Americans, originally from the island, express their practical solidarity with the victims of Kefalonia , from where he passed with the catastrophic fury of the bad weather “Ianos” last week, through online fundraising. So far they have raised 13,000 euros through . “Please give money to help the people of Kefalonia” , is their message on Facebook!

One of them, Voula Kavalieratos Preston , spoke to and explained the reasons why she decided to help her favorite island.

“When all this happened, I felt so bad and I wanted to help somehow. Together with two of my friends we thought of doing the gofundme that we collect money for the damages, and we collect clothes, food, things for babies, but also a difference that I had seen that is necessary and shared by the municipality of Sami in Kefalonia. All three of us are from Kefalonia “, he said to and continued:

“While we are second generation in America, Kefalonia is our” home “for all three. We have a huge love for Kefalonia. We go every year. So far we have already received many donations from expatriates who want to help in any way they can. Next week we will send them through the hercules shipping company and they will be in Kefalonia in 3-4 weeks. Theodora will go down to Kefalonia to bring the money of the donation and to see where to help with it. “Kefalonia has suffered huge damage and I hope the state helps the people who lost their businesses and suffered huge damage to their homes and help with the roads that have been destroyed.”

Photos from the disasters on the island:


The names of the other girls who have undertaken to organize it together with Mrs. Kavalieatos are Theodora Pantelatou Christoforou and Dimitra Stellatou Gioussi .

All this at a time when the island is counting its wounds from the great catastrophe.

“Today I went to Assos for the second time. Residents, still without electricity, water, telephone. The debris collection works are proceeding at a turtle rate !! “The thousands of tons of imported materials, mud and everything they hide underneath, animals, sewage, etc., are evolving into a health bomb !!”, said a resident of the island and continued: “The stench in some places is intense! It needs immediate care for this. Also, serious damages have been done in the cemetery


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