The Guardian Angels of our islands have left for the winter! (Pics & video)

The two (2) PZL M.18 DROMADER firefighting aircraft of the 359 MAEDY team took off today at 9:30 in the morning from Kefalonia Airport.

The guardian Angels of Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos. Their destination is Dhekelia Airport which is their base for their annual maintenance.

The 359th Air Service Squadron of Public Services (MAEDY) has as its mission the maintenance of a high degree of readiness and efficiency in order to meet the requirements of the public services in missions: Firefighting, Air Spraying and Air Lubrication.

Since August 1970 it has been relocating to Dhekelia Airport (Cyprus) where it has been based ever since.

This year’s ongoing heatwave had created conditions for large fires. The MAEDY team was called to face difficult situations both in Kefalonia and in neighbouring Zakynthos with the pilots of Klimaki showing professionalism and determination in dealing with incidents.

Kefaloniapress on behalf of its Readers thank them from the bottom of our hearts for everything they offered this summer in the protection of the natural environment and the property of the citizens. We wish them a HAPPY WINTER with HEALTH for themselves and their families and a good reunion in 2022.

Cephalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos say goodbye with gratitude.


The photos are from today ‘s departure:

Source –

Journalist – The photos and the report of the best photojournalist of our island


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