The Hospital of Argostoli in the top category for incentives to doctors to work there

As of yesterday, the Argostoli hospital is included in the upper category of incentives provided by the institutional framework of the NSS for doctors. A request of many years of our medical community became a reality with yesterday’s amendment to the bill of the Ministry. Health. This is the most important institutional intervention that could be made in the field of health in our prefecture.

With the characterization of Argostoli hospital as “Barren Hospital Zone A ‘” :

  • There are financial incentives for scoring and scoring .
  • Facilitating the co-operation of spouses in Kefalonia (doctors or civil servants)
  • Most importantly, it is possible to transfer doctors after five years. In this way, for the first time, the positions of doctors in the hospital of Argostoli become attractive and will be filled much more easily in case of transfer. This development will contribute to the normalization of the operation of all health structures in our prefecture.

In recent months I have made great efforts to include the Argostoli hospital in the upper category of incentives. The final discussion was the meeting with the Health Minister 29 to September we requested together with the MP Zakynthos colleague Mr. Aktypi, when the order was given to prepare the amendment within the bill passed yesterday.

This development comes following the modifying general incentives for personnel asked the one the October debate on the bill for the Interior Ministry and enables lawful providing financial support for housing and meals to physicians, educators and law enforcement by local authorities in our islands.

Within a few days our county achieved the biggest incentive upgrade to attract staff in decades .

I thank Minister Kikilias and Deputy Minister Kontozamanis for accepting the amendment. I also thank the fellow MPs of Zakynthos Mr. Aktypis and Lefkada Mr. Kavvadas with whom we co-sign the amendment.

The government of New Democracy proves that it does not live on findings and wishes, but acts and implements. We have been hearing for many years about “incentives” in the field of health. We instituted them within a few months.

The hospital has already been strengthened with a large number of nursing and auxiliary staff and its additional reinforcement is expected in the coming days, while the school for ambulance crews started its operation with a large participation.

The problems of the hospital are big, but the inclusion of the hospital in the “Zone A ‘” of incentives was a necessary condition for the improvement of the health services in our prefecture.

We still need to work in other important areas, such as restoring harmony and calm inside the hospital and finding solutions to provide housing to doctors in cooperation with the local government.

Within the framework of my institutional capacity, I will continue the effort for the planned operation of the “Vergotis Wing” (ICU, Psychiatric Clinic) and for new announcements for positions of medical staff with the new incentive regime.

Panagis Kappatos

Member of Parliament for Kefalonia and Ithaca

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