The impressive Rocket War on the night of the Resurrection at Vrondado, Chios!

The rocket war is a custom held every Easter in Vrondado, Chios, where on the night of the Resurrection thousands of improvised rockets are launched between the two churches of the region, Panagia Erethiani and St. Mark. The Panaghouss (parishioners of Panagia Erethiani) aim to succeed with their rockets the dome and the emblem of St. Mark, while the Agio Marcus (parishioners of St. Mark) watch the bell tower of Virgin Erethiani.

Preparations take place several months before the groups of the two parishes make the “explosive cocktail” of charcoal, nitro and sulfur and place it on rockets. On Saturday night, the rockets are mounted on wooden bases, the rockets, in order to get the proper track and achieve their goal. The spring sky is flooded by the colorful flashes and clicks of thousands of flaming rockets that create a spectacular atmosphere impressing all visitors. The custom is rooted in the Ottoman period, where the Vrondadouss used small cannons with strong clicks to celebrate Easter, but the Turks in the fear that they could be used against them, banned them and replaced them with improvised rockets. Easter Sunday is the count of the rockets that have found their target and the winner is celebrated. The two “rival” parishes give an appointment again for the following year, thus keeping the tradition of many years

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