The instructions for domestic flight passengers to islands

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued instructions for passengers of domestic flights to island destinations that are valid from today, Friday 14 May.

According to the CAA, passengers must meet one of the following conditions:

a) to have completed at least fourteen (14) days before the vaccination for coronavirus COVID-19 and to present a vaccination certificate, which has been issued through the website -covid-19 / pistopoietic-embolism. 

In the case of foreigners from abroad, who have completed at least fourteen days (14) the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccination and present a vaccination certificate in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian, issued by a public authority in accordance with the relevant legislation. The vaccination certificate includes the name of the person, the type of vaccine administered and the number of doses.

(b) have been tested negative for laboratory test for COVID-19 coronavirus by PCR (by smear or nasopharyngeal smear) within the last seventy-two (72) hours before the scheduled travel time or by rapid detection of COV 19 (rapid test) within the last 24 hours before the scheduled travel time. In the case of foreigners from abroad, they can provide a negative test certificate in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian.

c) have been diagnosed negative in a self-diagnostic test (self test) within twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled time of travel and is certified with a relevant certificate displayed on paper. The certification of the result will be done through the self-test result declaration statement for COVID-19, the filling form of which is posted on the page in Greek and English.

The above obligations include minors over five years.

The negative diagnosis of the control by the method of PCR and rapid test is proved by the demonstration of a relevant certificate in printed or electronic form. If these checks have been carried out in another country and are valid at the time of boarding the aircraft, the relevant certificates are accepted under the same conditions under which they were allowed to enter Greece.

The control of the above documents is carried out by the employees of the airlines during the boarding.

Passengers and crew members are required to comply with other coronavirus prevention and treatment measures posted on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website prior to boarding, during the journey, and upon disembarkation of passengers.

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