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“The die is cast. The fight will be victorious “


A clear and strong message of unity and co-operation with confidence to solve the problems faced by the Ionian Islands was sent by the candidate of the Regional Governor and head of the major opposition to the Regional Council Spyros Spyros at the presentation of the name of the combination of which he leads, which took place on Saturday 2 February in the conference room of Corfu Regional District of the Ionian Islands.
Presence of executives participating in the ballot, but also friends and supporters of the faction. Mr. Spyrou said that the fight would be victorious because it is based on principles and values ​​that both himself and his associates serve over time. We neither abandon our beliefs, nor our political path, our deep relationship to society, nor our relationship with our party base, he said.
Presenting the name of the “Ionian Alliance” that he leads in the run-up to the regional elections, Mr. Spyrou stressed that he is addressing all the people of the Ionian Islands, without leaky, blinkers and party influences, as problems in self-government are not colored. Among other things, he mentioned: “Our combination is manifold, consists of experienced and renowned executives honored by the Corfiot and Eptanissian society, as well as by new executives they want to offer. We are joined by dignity and the will to be close to the inhabitants of our islands. Today, however, we are joining another idea that I would say is predominant in our combination, within society. It is what we believe that every society has the right to choose and vote for the people who will represent it through its own viscera. People worthy, workers, who are connected with society, are active in it, have a political and social path and have left their own impressions in their own place. I do not believe that today all the contenders in the Region can take pride in this. They are bored with the Eptansians and especially the Corfiots, with politicians – visitors who come and go the following day. Our combination, seeks through cooperation and conciliation to work and solve the problems of the place. Because, we have the power, we have the will to compose and to cooperate. We have the love of the citizens, we have the love for our place. which also unites us. Because we are people of logic, of dialogue, we are people who do not separate society. I will unite her and I think we can move with the head high because we get power from you. And I say it honestly. Why do you take our stand. Why do you want to support this honest voice. Today the fight begins and starts with the entire population of the Ionian Islands. And even those who for formal reasons are not close to us or are not crying out, be sure they are with us. ” Today the fight begins and starts with the entire population of the Ionian Islands. And even those who for formal reasons are not close to us or are not crying out, be sure they are with us. ” Today the fight begins and starts with the entire population of the Ionian Islands. And even those who for formal reasons are not close to us or are not crying out, be sure they are with us. “

Continuous presence and work

Mr. Spyrou stressed that self-government needs experienced and skilled people as well as young people who want to work for their country as the problems are too many and difficult to solve. Referring to his term of office as Regional Governor, which marked the first elected regional authority, Mr. Spyrou stressed that in its 3.5 years, he successfully completed the union of the four Prefectures of the Region, financially and administratively, under the most difficult economic conditions. More specifically, he said that when he assumed the administration of the Region, the Prefectures received about 10.5 million from the Central Independent Resources. It is characteristic that the first year of its term of office the Region received 9.5 million, the second 620 thousand while in 2013 the zero! Despite these figures, the Region’s chief candidate pointed out, even with this money and using the resources of the NSRF, we have launched very important projects, many of which have been completed and others are being carried out so far. In addition, he said that even from the position of the major opposition in the Regional Council he served the institution by following a duty. We worked, we did not waste one day, we were in the problems, the first and the second period, and the good and the unpleasant. But we never abandoned it, he said. we were in the problems, both the first and the second period, and the good and the unpleasant. But we never abandoned it, he said. we were in the problems, both the first and the second period, and the good and the unpleasant. But we never abandoned it, he said.

Guarantee for the future

Spyros Spyrou blessed the region of the Ionian Islands, however, stressed that he is on a path of decline, a general rewarming and abandonment. The works are carnival, they are progressing with “turtle” and in addition some of our islands have suffered the greatest defamation with incalculable consequences. He expressed the conviction that the problems will not be solved by the current failed principle, nor by those who only express many words without substance. Referring to the composition of his combination he reiterated that he is composed of worthy and competent executives who are well aware of the Region and the problems and expressed the certainty that through their cooperation and synthesis of opinions their aim will be achieved. He made known that in the immediate future time there will be an extensive reference to the proposals of his combination and to the return plan of the Region to normality with a development horizon. He even said: I believe that serving one’s place is not a duty but a duty. That downhill must stop. And we’ll stop him. Because we have the will, we have the power, we have the vision, the experience and the ability.

For the ND

Mr. Spyros also responded to questions from journalists who raised issues of pre-election timeliness. In particular, a question regarding the possibility of his deletion by the party of the ND as a result of the establishment of an independent ballot for his part, replied: “It is also plagued. It is true that some natives suggest it. I’m not worried because it will probably not happen. Not that it would affect me even if it happened, because an error is not corrected with another mistake. It would give me extra points. What I want to say, however, is that any theoretical deletion can not erase me from the heart of the Corfiots and the Heptans, because I have been traveling with them for years. I do not expand, because when you start a fight in society, it does not do it because it’s written somewhere, he does it because he believes it. And we continue to believe that we can serve the place and stop this misery and decline.

Opponent is today’s policies

Asked about his opponents and the information that is coming for Ms Motsotakis to come to Corfu with the aim of supporting the official nominees of the ND. Mr. Spyrou said: “We all and our combination are being polite because we have an opponent. SYRIZA and where he has brought the place. This is the reality. Because, the Greek people have suffered the greatest deception. So we have a goal in our struggle. Now if Mr. Mitsotakis comes to come. I doubt it, of course, only because there is a possibility at this stage of leakage. In any case, I will not come to think of self-government, it will come because in front of us we have national elections. And there we have to give the battle, change the landscape in our society that suffers. So if it’s good to come. I do not know how many columns should be used to support a nomination. I do not hide you, I and my colleagues are proud and do not worry, because we have society with us. Our society supports us, society told us you are moving forward and we are optimistic that we will go great. Welcome Mr. Mitsotakis and we will support him as Prime Minister. There is no need to enter into controversy.

About collaborations

In a journalist’s question about the possibility of transactions and partnerships, Mr. Spyrou said:
“Citizens will choose according to what they believe. It is too early for such discussions. The truth is that electoral law requires elections to be made in simple proportions, so no one can rule the Region on its own. Coaching, collaboration and synthesis are needed. I do not hide that even today, with the present regional authority that has the majority, which in many cases does not even cover it in the decisions to vote on issues, we support decisions that deal with financing and problem-solving in the Region, except for some differentiations. So, we have all the good mood for the Regional Council to work because the problems of society can be solved from there. I do not like trading.

Finally, Mr. Spyros Spyros thanked all those who attended the event, saying: 
I believe that freedom is virtuous and courageous, we are all here to fight together, because I know that both the present and the absent, embrace this view. 
The Ionian Alliance will justify you. I invite you to become with us, preachers of this idea. That the issues of self-government are best served by those who know them. The victory will be ours, the Region will be able to take steps forward. Together with you all. And that is what the other islands know. 
We are optimistic, because we take power from you. 
The “Ionian Alliance” can. Why is it a power of creation?

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