The Ionian Islands have been able to withstand the challenge of “BREXIT” and climate change

More statistics glass half full in these opposed to some social media views of half empty, same stats different opinion!



The fact is that the incoming tourism in our country has faced two big ones this year 

problems. The first was the “Brexit” issue, which negatively affected “early booking”, as the British market has the largest share of incoming tourist flows from abroad.

The second was (and we hope to miss), the unusually negative for the weather weather

conditions, which affected late booking.

The Ionian Islands have the highest dependence on the British market, compared to other destinations in the country.

Specifically, in 2017 it recorded a percentage of total air arrivals abroad, 37,91% in Corfu, 34,02% in Lefkada, 66,90% in Kefalonia and 45,62% in Zakynthos. In 2018 the respective rates were 35.30% in Corfu, 27.99% in Lefkada, 63.63% in Kefalonia and 44.75% in Zakynthos.

In spite of the above, the Ionian Islands, in the first five months of 2019, not only retained their shares in the markets but displayed a positive sign.

By 31/05/2019 arrivals amounted to 441,560, compared with 438,962 in the corresponding period of 2018.

That is, a slight increase of 0.50%, but not a reduction, which (unfortunately) occurs in other well-established tourist destinations of the Country, even at non-insignificant rates, but also with less dependence on the British market.


And the loss of May was limited to -1.30% (on average). Specifically in Corfu -3.5%, Aktio + 3.00%, Kefalonia -2.00% and Zakynthos + 1.12%, which will be overtaken by the arrivals of this month, given the stabilization of the weather conditions and the increase in flights.

From the above it follows that the Ionian islands, keep the tourist demand unchanged,

which is also reflected in the great rise of the cruise despite the smoothing of the problems facing neighboring countries and the return of tourist flows 

to regularity.

This leads to the overthrow of the cultivated “myth” that supposedly the booming rise of the Ionian Islands in the tourist season from 2014-2018 is due to the problems faced by Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. 

On the contrary, PIN’s views were confirmed, that the problems in our neighboring countries negatively affected this period, especially the cruise.





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