The Ionian Islands Region commemorated “Holocaust Remembrance Day”. Laying wreaths on the old Zakynthos Synagogue

The Governor of the Ionian Islands stated that

 “This year marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. We decided to pay homage to the symbolic movement of the wreath-laying ceremony at the site of the Old Synagogue in Zakynthos, where the plaques honored by the Jewish community are dedicated to the leaders of the protection of Jews in Zakynthos, then Metropolitan Chrisoromou Chrysostomou. It is very important to honor our history, and especially for this event, which symbolizes the atrocity, violence and all the ugly side of humanity. The civilized world must not experience such events again. We need to raise our voice in support of human rights and send the message that in the difficult times we are living in, with the great geopolitical tensions, it requires greater understanding between peoples and leaders and greater sympathy for peace. Statements made by world leaders on this anniversary are not encouraging towards peace. They sent the message of the confrontation. We as citizens’ representatives must also be vigilant and cultivate solidarity and peace with all our energy. “

The “Day of Remembrance of the Greek Jewish Witnesses and Holocaust Heroes” was established by unanimous decision of the House in January 2004 (Law 3218/04 and Presidential Decree 31/05) and is celebrated annually on January 27th.

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