The Ionian Islands Region communicates with the citizens || Special telephone line per Regional Unit for the problems of everyday life

In the context of communication with citizens and the immediate response to the needs of everyday life, the Ionian Islands Region, creates a telephone line per Regional Unit , so that citizens can report the problems they face and which are related to the road network, the street lighting, the condition of the wells, kennels, branches, signs, etc. of the competence of the Region.

It is important that the Services have the immediate information from the citizens so that they can properly inform them and deal with their problems.

The telephone line will be open daily from 9 am to 12 noon :

  • Peripheral Unit of Corfu || Phone 26613-62300

  • Peripheral Unit of Lefkada || Phone 26453-60715

  • Peripheral Unit of Kefalonia || Phone 26713-60505

  • Peripheral Unit of Zakynthos || Phone 26953-60300

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