The islands are “open” from tomorrow – Free movement of workers to re-operating companies

The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy announced that from tomorrow, Monday, May 11, it is allowed to move to the islands , and between the islands, owners and employees only in companies for which their reopening has been announced from May 11.

The above transfers are allowed, provided that they are self-employed with a written statement of their own and if they are employees with a written certificate of the employer. The above statements / certificates must include:

a) The details of the self-employed / employee (name, address, telephone number, AMKA).

b) The protocol number of the most recent form in which the employee has been included and submitted to the “ERGANI” Information System (such as E3 recruitment, E4 supplementary schedule, E8 overtime, E9 fixed-term recruitment).

c) The type of business with the corresponding KAD to which it belongs.

d) The TIN of the company.

e) The place – work island.

These declarations / certificates are a prerequisite for the issuance of the ticket and boarding of the ship. The passenger is obliged to have them with him at all times in order to display them at each inspection.

Plakiotakis: The movement to the islands is well thought out
“The transition to the islands is gradual, well studied and with scientific criteria,” said Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis, describing the main points of the plan for coastal shipping after the gradual lifting of the measures due to a coronavirus

As the Minister explained on SKAI TV, the release will take place in three phases:
– The first will take place from tomorrow
– The second before June 1
– The third after June 1

Measures for ships
“The measures we have taken in the past are crucial because we have managed to reduce the number of coronary cases on the islands to a minimum. Many islands at the moment have absolutely none, “said Mr. Plakiotakis.

Mr. Plakiotakis explained that the ships will travel at 50% fullness, while for the ships with cabins this percentage will reach up to 55%. “A ship will be able to carry 50% of the ship’s protocol, if it has cabins we will go to 55%. We will have one passenger per cabin unless it is a family, “he said, noting that the ships’ cabins will be available only from the starting port and not from the intermediate stations. That is, as he explained, a ship, with a route from Piraeus to Rhodes, and with a passenger destined for the intermediate port of Patmos, for example, the cabin he used will not be available for the rest of the trip.

It is noted that it has already been announced that in the air type seats there will be a vacancy between the passengers while there will be a special marking for where they will have to sit. Also, according to the design so far, the doors and windows should be opened longer than usual, while in terms of mechanical ventilation in case of interrupted operation of the ship the ventilation system should not stop at all.

The Minister of Shipping also stressed that the use of the mask on ships will be mandatory. “Everyone will wear a mask.” At the same time, as he stated, “coastal shipping is already being strengthened by the state budget with 15 million euros and we are ready to make a request for reinforcement of coastal shipping by the European Commission”.

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