The killing in Ithaca – it appears the victim was British

Crime in Ithaca: He killed him because he was afraid of losing his child

New evidence of the 54-year-old’s motive for beating a 40-year-old man on an island hotel gives testimony from the perpetrator’s environment – “did not refuse to leave his wife, but she wanted their child together” 
The local community of Ithaca is shocked by the crime on Saturday night on the island.

However, as time goes on, more and more details come to light and come to give a clearer picture of the murder that is shaking the island.

People who know the 54-year-old businessman, who owns a supermarket on the island, talk about a man who had not been granted any rights for so many years and cannot explain how he stained his blood . They say the couple had been in trouble for some time, but he allegedly did not react to the separation but to the fact that his 42-year-old wife wanted to leave Ithaca with their 8-year-old daughter.

“It was unexpected what happened. There were some problems than I know. His wife had told him she wanted to break up and there was another man in her life. She had an old relationship with him, maybe ten years ago maybe even more. I know he didn’t refuse but she wanted to take their child along too, ”says a man from the perpetrator’s environment.
According to the same testimony, the victim, originally from Great Britain, arrived on the island Thursday night. All these days he stayed at a hotel in Vathy: “he came from England to take her with the child to leave. The 54-year-old went there became a fight and left. They went back together to the village. At one point she went back again. The whole village is shocked, it does not fit our mind that this man did this act. His big problem was the child. He didn’t want to leave it with nothing. ”

Reportedly, the 8-year-old girl is currently with the her grandmother, grandfather and sister.

The timing of the crime

It all happened on Saturday night at a hotel in Vathi where the 40-year-old man was staying. The two men quarreled strongly, but the situation didn’t take long to get out of control.

Offender and victim were caught in the hands of the 54-year-old beating to death, with kicks and punches to the unfortunate man’s head and body!
Reportedly, the 42-year-old, who was allegedly present in the fight, returned to the hotel on Sunday morning. He then notified the authorities and the Health Center was already late.

He was charged with causing fatal bodily harm and at the expense of the 42-year-old alien who was also arrested for exposure to life-threatening cases, which are currently being referred to the Cephalonian Attorney General.


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