The kiosk attempted robbery was investigated and suspect arrested


Corfu, March 6, 2021


A case of attempted robbery in Kefalonia was investigated

A local was arrested

A case of attempted robbery was investigated by the Security Department of Argostoli and a case was filed against a citizen, for the respective offense as well as for violation of the legislation on weapons.

In particular, on Tuesday night (02.03.2021), an unknown perpetrator, having his features covered, tried, with the threat of a pistol, to remove a sum of money from a kiosk in Argostoli, but without success.

A thorough police investigation of the Argostoli Security Department followed, in the context of which the local was identified as the perpetrator of the above robbery attempt, who was located yesterday (05.03.2021).

During a search of his home, in the presence of a court official, they found, among other things, confiscated a sword with a blade length of -35- cm and a knife with a blade length of -10- cm, for the possession of which he was arrested.

The arrested person was taken to the Public Prosecutor of Kefallinia.

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