The local MP visited fireman off Kefalonia discussing 2019 events and 2020 initiatives

On Thursday 2 January I visited the headquarters of the fire service in argostoli, to thank the people of the service for their work and wish them a happy new year.

Had a long conversation with the officers and staff. I have been informed in detail about the problems of the fire brigade nationwide, as well as the local peculiarities, such as the difficulty of finding drivers for vehicles. I was also described how the 2019 fire period, which was good enough for our islands.

Considering that I express the whole of our society, I would like to thank them very much for their contribution to the community and for the struggle they are doing, especially during the summer season.

My visit to the service was valuable, as I was informed about its problems at a time when the new draft law on the national crisis management plan and the reorganization of the fire brigade is in public consultation.

Our Islands are facing a wide range of civil protection incidents (earthquakes, fires, earthquakes, weather) and an effective Civil Protection Mechanism directly concerns all the citizens of our islands.

The creation of a budget area and the increase in GDP are the conditions that will allow the training of the fire brigade staff and equipment. This is the direction the government is working on.

Source – FB page of Παναγής Καππάτος


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