The local MP’s position regarding the ICU equipment being transferred from Argostoli Hospital

Press release

“My position on the temporary disposal of intensive care beds equipment.”

About what has been published about the temporary disposal of part of the equipment of the inactive Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Kefalonia Hospital:

We must all be responsible in these difficult times and place health, human life and the public interest above politics!

 This is a measure implemented by emergency procedures for all inactive ICU posts in Greece.

The treatment of any serious cases of coronavirus will be done in our country’s 13 reporting hospitals that meet all the requirements and have the equipment to respond to an emergency health crisis .

We all wish we never needed this, but unfortunately we cannot rule it out yet. We must prepare ourselves as a country for this possibility.

Our fellow Kefalonians and Ithacians who may be severely ill and in need of hospitalization in ICUs will be hospitalized at the country’s 13 reference hospitals. It is not planned by central planning to be hospitalized in Kefalonia!

Operating an ICU unit in Kefalonia, which we all would like, would require at least 35 staff and technicians who do not exist in Kefalonia. Setting up an ICU is a complex process that cannot be accomplished in a matter of days. We are facing an emergency as the coronavirus has been around the world for 3 months now, and no health system on the planet can adequately respond.

The only option right now is to have inactive ICU equipment in Kefalonia and on the other hand this equipment to be utilized to save the lives of our fellow humans.

 Who is responsible for endangering human lives in the absence of ICU posts in reporting hospitals?

Making use of ICU equipment at these critical times is an act of respect for our fellow human beings. It is a matter of public interest and solidarity. It is about the lives of our fellow humans and each of us.

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