The management of the herd of wild horses of Ainos

A working meeting , via teleconference, on the occasion of the management of the herd of wild horses of Ainos that in recent years go down to the lowlands causing damage to crops, was held on the initiative of the Deputy Regional Minister of Agricultural Economy and Rural Development, Sotiris Kouris, during A holistic update was made on the problems that exist in the management and sustainability of the Kefalonia National Park.

In meeting the Environment and Energy Minister, George Amyras, Secretary General of the Natural Environment and Water Konstantinos Aravosis, Director General of Forestry and Forest Environment Evangelos Gkountoufas, the Forest Stewardship Director, Panagiotis Drougas, the Rural Economy Antiperifereiarchis and Development Rural, Sotiris Kouris, the Deputy Regional Minister of Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning, Spyros Ioannou , the Deputy Mayor of Argostoli, George Tsilimidos, and the President and Director of the Ainos Management Agency, George Drakatos and Michael Xanthakis .

Among the results that emerged during the working meeting and there was an expression of interest and commitment to implementation by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, George Amyras are the following:

  1. Update of the study ” Restoration and replacement of the fencing of the core of the National Park of Ainos N. Kefalonia” and financing of the project whose budget amounts to approximately € 1,500,000.
  1. Funding from the Green Fund for a study entitled: ” Study for cutting dry firs and clearing of Kefalonian fir forest of Ainos National Park, Prefecture of Kefallinia” which will be prepared by the Directorate of Forests of Kefallinia and the subsequent financing of the clearing by SA
  1. The inclusion in a financial program of the research proposal prepared by the Management Body entitled ” Innovative approaches for the management and protection of semi-wild horses of Ainos – INNOVATEHORSE” budget 387,000 €, which will solve the problem of the collision of semi-wild horses local community of the area of ​​Eleios – Pronnon.
  1. The elaboration of a study for the management of the ” Antenna Park” and the removal of illegal infrastructure in the place “Chionistra” within the core of the Ainos National Park, which alters the landscape of the Ainos National Park.

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