The marvellous benefits of green soap that few know about


The marvellous benefits of green soap that few know.

The green soap, for those who do not know, is green because of the color of the olive as olive oil, whose excellent healing properties are known and exploitable since ancient times, is the main and main ingredient of it.

However, green soap is produced by other plants, beyond the olive tree, thus retaining the majority of the benefits of a naturally-produced product. 
The variety of uses of olive oil and its softening and disinfecting properties make it much more than a good nutrition ingredient, as its use in the form of soap, although it looks old-fashioned, to many, remains a considerable force.


Beyond the secret of beauty of many women who will never reveal it, it has therapeutic action against skin diseases, such as psoriasis and dermatitis, while its greatest advantage remains the protection of the skin from dehydration and dryness, without of course it is the only one.

Here are the reasons why you should be, at least in terms of cleanliness … environmentalists.

Highly hydrating

The green soap cleanses the skin without depriving it of its natural fatty elements, which – in general confession – make other soaps, resulting in dry and dry skin. Its natural composition leaves the pores of the skin free, allowing sweating, while protecting the skin cells naturally.

In green soap, the substance glycerin, which maintains moisturizing the skin, pumping water, even from the air, is observed, while in other commercial soaps it has been removed for use for other purposes.

Few side effects

Green soap is hypoallergenic, given its obvious natural origin, making it the safest choice for sensitive skin. Olive oil, as an ingredient, is safe even for newborn infants because of its softening nature.

Most types of green soaps contain pure, natural, human-friendly ingredients, as opposed to other soaps containing substances that are often heavy and possibly toxic to the skin.

Rich in antioxidants

Olive oil is rich in antioxidant elements that combat the action of free radicals that the human organism is facing daily and constantly. The vitamins E and A contained in the oil, and their healing properties in whatever way you use or consume the oil, either through the food or the soap, are rendered usable by the body and extremely beneficial.

In addition, olive oil has an anti-inflammatory effect that strengthens the immune system, protects the skin from diseases and the body from problems in the heart and digestive function, and not only.

It lasts and has a distinctive aroma

Green soap has a soft and fruity aroma, as opposed to intense perfumes that have other soaps and often cause discomfort to sensitive or non-skins.

The green soap bar is tough and does not make much soap, so it keeps far more than similar products. 
Finally, most soaps of trade are made of animal fat, so green soap made from other plant products, if not olive oil, is a good choice for those who have environmental consciousness and do not want to use animal products.

Other uses

The value of green soap does not end in personal hygiene, but it goes on and even the cleanliness of the house. The green soap, originally, is ideal for the cleanliness of infant and baby clothes due to its perfectly natural texture, and it also has an effective effect on disinfecting the house, as if it is dissolved in water, it is ideal for mopping.

It still has whitening properties and combines it with a little white vinegar, making it the ideal cleanser for bathing and cooking. 
Finally, it is also used as a pesticide, with the solution of which you can spray the plants to protect them gently from insects and diseases before you even resort to more drastic solutions.

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