The Mayor of Argostoli informs

The Mayor of Argostoli informs

By the decision of the Mayor, George Tsilimidos, Dionysios Minetos, Spyridon Samouris and Crystal Michalatou were appointed deputy mayors. Their duties are set out in Decision No. 7/66 / 02-09-2019, which has been posted on the Disclosure with the OXY4646MTT-58E License.

In view of the beginning of the school year, the School Committee with the services of the Municipality, under the supervision of the competent Deputy Mayor Mr. Samouris and in collaboration with the local community presidents and school unit managers, proceed with the maintenance and cleanliness of the school units.

The cleaning of the Municipality has begun with intense pace to regain the old level of cleanliness, with already visible results.

The Mayor visited the Vice-Regional Governor Mr. Stavros Travlos and attended the handover ceremony of the Kefalonia Sub-Region.

The Mayor’s Office already operates in the building of Vallianou Square, which historically houses the Municipality of Argostoli. The contact details are:

Phone 2671360160-2671360159,

fax 2671022572,


The Mayor met with the Rector of the Ionian University, Mr. Basil Chrysikopoulos, who briefed him on the operation of the University, followed by an exchange of views.

From the Mayor’s Office

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