The mayor of Argostoli thanks the president of Vlachata

Argostoli, 27-11-2020

Dear President Mr. Charalambate,

With this letter I would like to thank you publicly for your valuable contribution to the project of renovating the central square of our village.

Thanks to your perseverance and your actions, the square of our village will be put into use immediately and our fellow villagers will get their meeting point as well as a place for our cultural events.

I wish you Health, Personal & Family Happiness and to continue to serve the common good, for the benefit of our local community.

Yours sincerely

The Mayor of Argostoli

Theofilos Michalatos

Background- The new village square is almost complete along with Christmas decorations, it will provide a great focal area, all we need now is some car parking space!


Phot source – FB post of Georgios Papaioannou

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