The message of a flowering almond tree

On my morning stroll in the village, where the spirit is left and the senses are released, in the monotonous winter landscape a presence stood out; a blooming almond tree.

According to Greek mythology, a king of Thrace, Phyllis, fell in love with Athenian Demophon, son of Theseus, when he returned to his city from the Trojan War. They got married, but after a while Demophonus nourished his homeland and begged Phyllis to let him go for a while, promising to return as soon as possible. Time passed, Phyllis waited for her beloved every day at the same spot, that of their separation, but in vain.
After years she died of her affliction.
The gods of pity transformed her into a tree so she could wait more years for her beloved. Thus became the tree, the symbol of faith and hope, the Almond Tree.
When, after many years, Demophonas returned to Thrace, full of remorse, he found a dry tree with no leaves and flowers at their separation point. He immediately understood. An angry man hugged her trunk and she flooded blossoms in the trunk, showing beyond hope that the power of love would defeat death.
In another story of the East, a young shepherd encounters a mountain, a white-haired old man planting an almond tree.
Elder tells him, with all due respect, to ask you something?
The almond tree you plant to grow, bloom and bear fruit will take many years and you who are elderly may not live to enjoy it. Why plant it?
The old man then replied to the young man: I plant the almond tree because I have two principles that I have in my life. One is that I will live forever and the other that I will die tomorrow.
Take a walk in nature too.
Rejoice with the little fine wonders.
Fill with optimism and hope, strength for each day.
And do not forget. Every day you can plant your own almond tree …

Fotis Augustus
Obstetrician Gynecologist

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