The Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis – Tourists will come to Greece with a health passport


In a tourist period of 3 months, it seems that Greek tourism is moving forward, as the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis , emphasized in his televised speech .

For July, August and September pointed out, they will lift the weight of the tourist year this year. Of course, he added that there are well-founded indications for the extension of the period in October and November.

Tourists will come to Greece with a health passport
A prerequisite for the above is, of course, that there be no unexpected developments on the coronavirus front. However, the big bet of the development of the tourist year is the safe entry and exit of our visitors to Greece and for this reason the “health passport” is promoted, as the Minister of Tourism stated in order to describe a “safe entry” methodology, as he said.

In this regard, Mr. Theocharis stated that a consultation is taking place in the EU in order for every European citizen who wants to travel to have a reliable test for the detection of coronavirus. He even explained that this should be done in the country where the holidays start. If, for example, it is a German visitor, this test will take place in Germany before coming to Greece. In Greece, the first word on the test front will be EODY, as mentioned.

The minister, after mentioning that one of the models for predicting the development of the tourist year this year also speaks of a 50% drop, added that the arrival of tourists from countries other than Europe is not expected in Greece. On the contrary, Greece maintains the advantage of a safe country in the Mediterranean, a very positive element, in the light of the “new things”.

Mr. Theocharis stated that he is in constant communication with the major travel organizers (Tour Operators) abroad who express their intense interest in Greece and expect that the health protection measures will be unfolded in hotels, etc. 

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Kefalonia Pulse footnote – Please be aware tourism in Greece does not automatically mean tourism in Kefalonia or other islands with less hospital care facilities this season. 

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