The moment the bridge breaks down in Chania Crete due to last storm

The historic bridge of Keritis collapsed (Photo:

Monday morning, the historic bridge of the Keritis river collapsed at the entrance of Alikianos of the Municipality of Platanias.

Indeed, its collapse was recorded on video by local residents.

Watch the video document:

Σοκ κατέρευσε η γεφυρα του Κέριτη

Η ιστορική γέφυρα του Κέριτη 111 ετών αποτελεί πλέον παρελθόν κατερευσε σε ζωντανή σύνδεση

Gepostet von Νέα Τηλεόραση Κρήτης Neatv Gr am Montag, 25. Februar 2019

The bridge, which had suffered heavy damage since the bad weather on February 14, was cut short in two as it failed to withstand the enormous volume of water. Earlier today, a section of the road tangential to the bridge had been settled and support work had been done. The stone-built tribute bridge was built in 1908 and was designated as the newest monument.





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