The Municipality has purchased two amphibious wheelchairs

In 2013 it was founded in our city a union that was destined to change our way of thinking, open our eyes and teach us thousands of things that until then were unknown to us
Unknown, why do you have to experience something to feel it, understand it…
With his constant actions and his dynamic presence he brought close to us the people with special skills that lived next to us and who were isolated and excluded from many social activities and not only…
The Union “Hyperion” has already written its own history in our place and continues to produce great work and mainly to guide us in the course of improving the quality of life for the disabled
Aphounkrazómenoi the incessant observations and the prompts of President Sophia maropoúlou and the Vice-President Maria Oilman this year on the beach of of will be placed a sea track system that will allow the disabled enjoy their bathroom like all our
The supply of the system was made by the region of Ionian Islands and the municipality has undertaken its placement and maintenance
At the same time the municipality went a step above and has already supplied 2 Wheelchairs (the first in kefalonia) to use all those who want to enjoy as equal members of our society the joys of the sea
With these moves we prove that we support sensitive social groups with actions and we are here in the mood to create all those infrastructure required so that both citizens and visitors feel that they live in a city that if nothing else respects diversity!!

Source -FB page of Γιώργος Κατσιβέλης


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