The Municipality of Sami update. What is the situation today in Poulata

The passage of “Ianos” from Cephalonia was finally sweeping, with the Municipality of Sami once again accepting the fury of nature with a new bad weather for our place, both in intensity and duration. For this reason and with a decision of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, our Prefecture has been declared a state of emergency since last night, with all that this implies, at least in theory, for the faster restoration of the damages and the compensation of the victims.

The most serious problems are found again in Agia Efimia, with the images coming to us from the picturesque village of Pylaros shocking. Serious problems were also observed, among others, in the city of Sami, in Assos and in Fiskardo, in coastal areas, in which the sea literally came ashore. The volume of water and the intensity of the winds were so great that, miraculously, there were no casualties or serious injuries, as unfortunately happens in other parts of the country. However, homes and shops were flooded, fishing and tourist boats sank, cars were swept away, trees were uprooted, streams and torrents were swollen, and even beaches were destroyed by mud and debris. Especially the images from Antisamo, are heartbreaking.

How is the situation in Poulata

As far as Poulata is concerned, we did not have the floods and the consequent catastrophes of 2015, as the stream that crosses our village fortunately did not overflow. However, the severity of “Janus” caused problems that today we can now see in their entirety. The main ones concern extensive damages in a livestock unit, in tiled roofs that resulted in water entering several houses, but also in trees and branches that fell on overhead power lines, in streets, yards, but also in the stonework of the square in where the PPC hut is located, which has been crushed. In fact, as shown in the video, at this time an attempt is being made to remove the fallen trees from the square.

Unfortunately, there were also losses in domestic animals, but also in vegetables. of Poulata was further burdened.

Finally, it should be noted that the road to Haliotata remains closed due to a large cypress tree that was uprooted just outside the church of Agios Georgios, while we are certainly left without electricity and water, as it is impossible for the pumps to operate to supply the water tank.

The next day

The Mediterranean Cyclone came at the end of the most difficult tourist season, making it even more difficult for all of us this coming winter. Definitely not the time to take responsibility. But it will come soon, because of course there are. Whether it is the global indifference to the protection of the environment that brought about climate change, or what concerns us at the local level for the attempts of criminal omissions to shield our region from disasters that will unfortunately be more and more frequent.

For the time being, it is important to record the damages in detail and to restore them as soon as possible (professionals can contact the damage recording and valuation committee at 2671360542, 2671360610 and 2671360543 and at the email: Of course, the least we demand is for the state to stand up to the circumstances and to help immediately and effectively those individuals and professionals who have been affected, but will also allocate the necessary funds for the effective protection of our region. In fact, as it leaked a while ago, the arrival of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Mr. Nikos Hardalia, in Kefalonia and Ithaca is imminent.


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