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Moving Citizens Only by Sms – Removed Handwritten & Printed Certificate 

Abolition of the handwritten and other (printed by computer) movement certificate results, according to exclusive information, the government to control the unnecessary movement of citizens. Specifically, according to the same information, it will be announced in the next few days that traffic will be made to citizens, not employees , exclusively by sms at 13033 and for a specific period of time, which will be three hours in the first instance.
At the same time, in the second phase, besides the time limit, it is considered to limit the number of trips per day. Specifically, the proposal that is dropped on the table is, except in case B1 (pharmacy or doctor), to allow for two movements per day.

The government’s goal in these ways is to restrict travel, some of which in many cases are elderly, so they are at greater risk of having a handwritten or printed attestation with them and move unnecessarily for many hours during the day.

Asked today by government spokesman Stelios Petsas, he stressed that ” we are looking at how this (restriction on movement) can be done through 13033 in order to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy or circumvention that could exist in a physical way.” ».

The six exceptions to the move

Note that under the traffic ban, citizens can now move either by sms or handwritten or printed by for the following six cases:

B2 Moving to a supply store for essentials where they cannot be shipped.

B3 Going to the bank, as long as the electronic transaction is not possible.

B4 Movement to help people in need.

B5 Going to a ceremony (eg funeral, marriage, baptism) under the conditions provided by law or moving to a divorced parent or parent who is necessary to ensure the communication of parents and children, in accordance with the applicable provisions.

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