The Netherlands puts in the “red” all the Greek islands – Quarantine for those who return

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has issued a new travel directive for the Greek islands due to the coronavirus pandemic, placing them on the “orange list”, which means that it discourages its citizens from visiting them, due to the increase in the number of people who catch it. coronavirus during their vacation on a Greek island.

The directive is valid from today, September 8, and all those who return to the Netherlands from one of the Greek islands should be quarantined for 10 days, while all those who show symptoms related to Covid-19, such as fever, shortness of breath, cough are invited. and then to contact the health authorities.

Meanwhile, the Dutch Foreign Ministry’s travel directive for the Peloponnese and mainland Greece remains in the “yellow”, which means that leisure travel is allowed, but travelers must be aware of additional measures to deal with the pandemic and comply with that’s all.

The Dutch Institute of Public Health RIVM had previously suggested to those in charge to study the situation in Greece in view of the autumn holidays, when many Dutch people make plans for a short getaway to a sunny country.

Meanwhile, officials are working on plans to expand the list of people who will not be quarantined when they return from an “orange zone”, as the Dutch Foreign Ministry has now described the Greek islands – as passengers who will continue their journey.

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