The new Greek Identity Cards System to be Rolled out Soon!

The new identity cards for Greek citizens will start to be issued this year so watch ths space for updated requirements on our residents cards!
The new identities - How much they will cost
Source: RES-BPE

Next to the gates are the new Greek identities, which will be reminiscent of  credit cards . The The award of tender of the project award, the secret process, announced in the coming days and is expected to be completed next semester.

According to the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”, a cost perspective for the Greek citizen is below 7 euros plus the cost of the photographs. Chip with photos, finger print , blood group optionally everything else … secret is contained in the new identity.

The commitment of the maximum amount budgeted for the project over the next 15 years amounts to around € 500,000,000, or € 30,000,000 a year, to start the process. 

Amounts that are expected to fall significantly from company bids , which are estimated to be over 10 and potentially will attempt to get the job done by making the cheapest offer.

The company or joint venture that will be “totally cheaper” will … win the project .

Of course it will have to meet the required standards , have undertaken a similar project in an EU country and have printed a number of pieces corresponding to about 10 million people in Greece.

Security Features

Digital security specifications are divided into seven zones:

Front view

Zone 1: Card number. 
Zone 2 : Male / Female, Surname, First Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, 
Zone 3: Expiration Date, Card Access Number, Issuing Authority. 
Zone 4: Signature Holder. 
Zone 5: Photography

Rear view

Zone 6: Father’s name, Mother’s name, Place of Birth, Date of Publication, Blood Group, Social Security Register Number, Digital fingerprint 
Zone 7: Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). &

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