The new minimum wage at 630 euros – The workers will see an increase of up to 120 euros

By ministerial decision of the Prime Minister itself – The increase will take upwards and all bonuses

The next time it is expected, according to a ministerial decision, after the announcements by the competent minister and the prime minister himself, to determine the exact amount for the new minimum wage.

Today, the minimum wage (the amount for a single newly recruited worker) is set at 586 euros. According to the newspaper “To Vima”, the increase in the minimum wage will be in the order of 7% – 8%, ie about 41 to 47 euros, which sets the new minimum wage to 630 euros per month.

The increase in the minimum wage will take upwards and all allowances and allowances provided by the OAED to the unemployed, as well as the provision of maternity protection.

According to estimates, 550,000 workers will receive an increase in their earnings as early as February as the government’s goal is the ministerial decision to be issued in January.

A significant increase will be seen in workers aged up to 25 years. For these workers, the minimum wage currently applies, but according to the announcements it will be abolished and equated with the minimum wage. Thus, for this category of employees the salary increase is expected to reach 120 euros.

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