The Next FaceAche (oops Book) Craze – The 10 Year Challenge

It’s a new year, and therefore, a new internet challenge is upon us to make Social Media sites more money!

We’ve seen challenges in the past including dumping a bucket of ice on oneself, ingesting teaspoons of cinnamon, and challenges involving wasabi that we won’t go into too much detail about — and just a few days ago, an egg beat Kylie Jenner’s record for the most-liked image on Instagram.

What a time to be alive!

Now, there’s a new viral sensation sweeping across everyone’s social media feeds so fast, we can barely keep up.

It’s called the ‘10 Year Challenge’ — where people share a picture of themselves 10 years ago alongside one from today to show how amazing they still look and how they haven’t aged a day.

So get your pictures reading it will be hitting your phone soon and the compulsive amongst us will just have to do it! 

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