The next three days weekend : When the Holy Spirit falls (Pentecost) on 17th June

In anticipation of the Holy Spirit for a respite for some of their work and perhaps the first three-day escape this summer.

The Holy Spirit is also the feast of schools and students, but this year, when Easter fell late, schools on June 17 will have closed .

The Pentecost or the Holy Spirit, according to Orthodox tradition, celebrates the appearance of Christ to his disciples fifty days after His Resurrection and ten days after his ascension. 

Who does not work the Holy Spirit
In 2019, the holiday of the Holy Spirit falls on June 17th, Monday. Normally, private businesses and shops will act on the day of the Holy Spirit, and it is a statutory holiday for banks and bank employees and all branches of banks across the country will remain closed. At the same time, the State has been designated as an official holiday day. The custom of the Holy Spirit is also a holiday for journalists and radios.

Also those who have a holiday are those who work:

a) the tobacco companies,
b) clinical and medical laboratories,
c) shipping agencies,
d) oil and liquid gas business,
e) in the newspapers industry,
f) in the stone quarries and soil,
g) to radio and television stations,
the ) in the Construction enterprises (only ratings Foremen Designers and operators Machinery)
i) to electricians
j) secondary education schools and language,

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