The official police statement regarding the attack of the Head of the Technical Services of the Municipality of Kefalonia

Two (2) people were arrested in the blueprints procedure for the injuries of dangerous personal injury and domestic peace disruption in Kefalonia

On May 15, 2019 at Poros, Kefalonia police officers were arrested by police officers from the Security Department of Argostoli, the Prevention and Suppression of Crime Group (OSPC), and a staff of Poros Port Station, a 29-year-old and a 28-year-old alien , to cause dangerous personal injuries to a 55-year-old national, an employee of the Municipality of Kefallinia.

As to the background of the incident, yesterday morning, the two people who were arrested, having partially covered their features, slapped the face and body punches, the 55-year-old employee of the Municipality of Kefallinia in his workplace, causing dangerous personal injuries.

There was an extensive police mobilization of the forces of the Police Headquarters in Kefallinia and an analysis of the details of the actions of the two perpetrators, as a result of which they were identified and captured directly in the port of Poros, with the assistance of the staff of the respective port station.

In particular, the two perpetrators were identified in a car owned by the 29-year-old national and in their possession, in a search that followed, a folding knife, two mobile phones and a sweatshirt were found and seized.

At the expense of them, a document of a criminal nature, from the Security Department of Argostoli, on the offenses of dangerous bodily harm against conspirators, domestic peace and, as the case may be, illegal artillery was formed.

The arrested were led to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Plamenomenodikis Kefallinia.

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