The parade for October 28 in Zakynthos are cancelled

The student parade of the National Anniversary of October 28, 1940 in Zakynthos was canceled, due to the outbreak of coronavirus cases.

According to information, only the laying of wreaths and the doxology will take place.
The announcement of the Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodis Kratsa in detail :

In the recent epidemiological map of the country, Zakynthos is colored “red”, ie it is at an increased risk level. Because of preparedness dispersion avoid covid-19 to further public health measures that the epidemiological situation requires cancelled the parade on 28 th October in Zakynthos.

The decision was taken after a meeting convened by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands in which the Deputy Regional Governor P.E. Zakynthos Mr. Aikaterini Mothoneou, the Deputy Mayor of Education of the Municipality of Zakynthos Mr. Nikitas Spinos the Head of Secondary Education Mr. Dionysios Pothos and the Head of Primary Education Mr. Evangelos Angelousis. 

For the rest the local programs apply as announced.    




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