The Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the European Medicines Agency

“The European Medicines Agency has just issued a positive scientific opinion on the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Now we will act quickly. “I am waiting for a decision from the Commission until tonight,” said Ursula von der Layen.

“The scientific evaluation of the EMA is based on the strength of the scientific data on the safety, quality and efficacy of the vaccine and nothing else. “The evidence shows convincingly that the benefits outweigh the risks,” she said.

“I would like to celebrate and acknowledge the tireless work of a large number of experts from across the EU. Member States and my EMA colleagues participated in the evaluation of the vaccine. “This is the result of unparalleled mobilization and exchange of information between scientists, industry, regulators, health professionals and patients around the world.”

“The EMA will publish information about the evaluation, including all clinical data evaluated in the application. “This will allow further independent scrutiny by scientists,” she said.

Vaccinations begin in Europe
The Commission has signed an agreement for 200 million doses of the vaccine , with an option to purchase an additional 100 million. The installments will be distributed among the EU countries based on their population.

If all goes according to plan, vaccine shipments will leave the warehouses on December 26 and European countries could start vaccination between December 27 and 29.

However, some countries such as Denmark have stated that they will be vaccinated as soon as the shipments arrive. Others, such as the Netherlands, may have to wait until January due to technical problems. Other countries have not yet made their vaccination plans public.

Vaccination begins on December 27 in Greece
In Greece, the first batches of the vaccine are expected the day after Christmas, on Saturday, December 26 and Sunday, the 27th of the month, the vaccinations are expected to start. As the Prime Minister has explained, the first to be vaccinated will be an elderly person and a nurse, while on 27/12 Kyriakos Mitsotakis will also be vaccinated. In his briefing today, Stelios Petsas stated that the health workers will be vaccinated first, followed by the residents of the nursing homes and then those over 65 and those who have underlying diseases.

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