With the new terminal opening tomorrow A review of the Plans for Kefalonia Airport

Its been a while since Fraport held meetings on the island regarding their vision for the new airport but with the use of new facilities getting closer and recent video releases we thought it a good time to remind everyone of the vision for the airport and some detailed background.

Stakeholder engagement meetings
In an event held on May 9th 2018 in Kefalonia, Fraport Greece presented to the local community, representatives of local authorities, local tourism stakeholders and local media its analytical construction plans for the development of Kefalonia airport. In the context of taking over the management and operation of the 14 regional airports on April 11th, Fraport Greece held a round of nationwide stakeholder engagement events during which Fraport Greece presented its plans for all airports.

During the Q&A session the key issues that emerged regarding the Kefalonia airport were the following:
• Development of baby changing facilities
• Refurbishment of the runway
• New information desk
• Establishment of regular meeting with stakeholders
• Timeline for new airport
• Airport Naming and artwork from old terminal building.

Upgrade Works
As part of its mandate for taking over management and operations at the 14 airports, Fraport Greece has prepared a comprehensive plan for the modernization and development of the airports. The company’s plan includes immediate projects and development works for upgrading the airports’ facilities, which will contribute significantly to improving the overall customer travel experience, while responding to the expected increase in passenger traffic. Fraport Greece will invest a minimum of 400 million euros for development works until 2021. During the 40-year concession period the company will implement additional maintenance and upgrading works, as well as capacity expansions (dependent on traffic growth) — resulting in possible total investments of some 1 billion euros.



source- fraport-greece.com


More shots taken recently here at Kefaloniapress.gr


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