The platform for the third dose of the vaccine in three months was opened at 10 PM last night

Around 22:00 Friday (3/12), the platform for the third dose of the vaccine was opened to all.

The platform for the third dose of the vaccine was expected to open around midnight  according to sources from the Ministry of Digital Government but it opened earlier.

It is also noted according to the same sources that the AMKA of the beneficiaries will gradually enter the platform and by dawn it is expected to be open for everyone.

As part of an emergency briefing  the Secretary General of Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous announced the acceleration of the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine from six to three months as decided by the National Vaccination Committee after the relevant question asked by the government.

According to the Secretary General of Primary Health Mario Themistocleous, the National Vaccination Committee, taking into account all the data, concludes the administration of the third booster dose three months after the completion of vaccination, for all adults aged 18 and over.

What applies to those who have had covid?
For those who have the disease, the recommendation is to get vaccinated 3 months and not 6 months after the disease, while for those who have had the Johnson’s and Johnson’s vaccine, the booster dose will be 2 months, as it was until now.

The commission’s decision Mr Themistocleous said was based on the view that there should be as much protection as possible against vaccination, as the Omicron mutation seems to be of increasing concern not only to scientists but also to society.

The goal, as Mr. Themistocleous said, is to vaccinate as many people as possible by January, that is, all those who had the initial vaccination last September.

60,000 new appointment places opened this Sunday
To facilitate the citizens, on the afternoon of Thursday (2/12) 60,000 new places were opened for appointments for vaccination, first and third dose, for this Sunday, 5/12.

As the Secretary General of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, had stated during the briefing on Monday (29/11) , the capacity for vaccinations in December will increase, with the extension of the schedule and the addition of days and vaccination centers.

Thus, 60,000 new slots were opened, so that the citizens could arrange the appointment for their vaccination.

Also, more than 100,000 people will be able to be vaccinated daily in December, as stated by the Secretary General of Primary Health Care during a previous briefing on the course of the coronavirus pandemic in our country.

“From the 1,500 vaccination centers that started operating in September, another 800 have been added and soon we will be at the 2,300 vaccination centers, while their schedule will be extended for more and more vaccinations”, added Mr. Themistokleous.

Themistocleous: “Possibility for 3 million vaccinations in December”
Moreover, earlier today, during the specialization of measures for the vaccinated over 60 years, Mr. Themistokleous noted that in the last two days there is a large increase in appointments for the first dose by citizens over 60 years.

As he stressed, 25,000 appointments have already been made, while those who still have to make appointments reach 493,000. As he pointed out, in December there is a possibility for over 3 million vaccinations , while priority will be given to the appointments of the first dose.

Which days of December the vaccination centers will not work
As Mr. Themistokleous announced, the vaccination centers will be open during the holidays, noting that in December there will be a possibility of vaccination on Sundays as well. Holidays for vaccinations will be the 25th and 26th of December, but also the New Year.

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