The position of citizen movement “Kefalonia, island for all” on the issue of hydrocarbon mining in the ionian sea.

Alongside the debate regarding hydrocarbon mining in the Ionian Sea here at The Kefalonia Pulse we are pleased to see the emphasis being put into improving sustainability on the island, much of this is beyond our gift to influence e.g. Photovoltaics which should be a “no brainer” but the Greek marketplace at present does not make it commercially attractive to individuals, however small things such as less use of plastic is something our small community should consider promoting as it works alongside at lot of the animal charity work going on. We will look to raise this point to gain further support at the forthcoming FLIK meeting to see if anything further can be done in this area.


Translated article from FB page of Κεφαλονιά, νησί για όλους


The position of citizen movement “Kefalonia, island for all” on the issue of hydrocarbon mining in the ionian sea.

In the last few months, members of the citizen s’ movement “Kefalonia, island for all”, we have closely watched the public debate on the issue of hydrocarbon mining in the ionian sea.

Last November we met at the development conference of the ionian islands where we attended a panel which basically argued in favour of exploitation, highlighting how responsible it is to accept mining, how safe the process, the benefits it may have for the country’s economy, local Economy and employment.

Subsequently, in December, we attended an event that was held by WWF and the social workshop traverso, with Greenpeace’s participation. In this debate, the irreversible consequences of the mining process and a potential accident were presented, while the expected development benefits were put on a realistic basis.

By weighing all the above, the position of our movement is that from any perspective and to consider the citizen of cephalonia the issue of hydrocarbons, the benefits for local society and the national economy are disproportionately small in relation to the risks to the natural environment And therefore for the tourist product and the economy of our place. We are therefore clearly opposed to the exploitation of any deposits in our area.

Our proposals

1. Regional Referendum on mining in the ionian sea.

As we have pointed out in our previous public position, local government must be united against this issue and defend the public interest and the popular will. To Express this will, the only way is to hold a regional referendum in the region of Ionian Islands.
A Referendum, which we propose to take alongside the next may elections and the result of which will morally bind the next local authorities, region and municipalities, all of the ionian.

2. Mobilisation of local government.

Given the rejection of the exploitation of hydrocarbons by citizens, the next step is the organisation by regional and local authorities of action with the participation of all the people of the ionian against mining.
In cooperation with organisations such as greenpeace, WWF K. A., who already react to the mining of hydrocarbons in many areas of Greece, we can organise a movement that overturn what today seems decided and final. Let us not implicitly accept what is being presented to us as a fait accompli.

3. Rehab from oil.

The main argument of oil companies is that the use of fossil fuels creates the need to exploit any deposits in our region.
Let us show the way with a common agreed programme from all parties, which will contain proposals but also commitments for the gradual recovery of cephalonia from fossil fuels and oil derivatives.
• Channelling the energy generated from res to the network of cephalonia and actions to make the island of as in electricity.
• Installation of photovoltaic systems in all municipal and public buildings.
• Installation of alternative energy systems and smart energy management (e.g. smart community)
• Promotion of electrification by installation of electric vehicle charging stations.
• Replacement of the conventional fleet of municipality and district vehicles with electric vehicles.
• Installation of a system of common use of electric vehicles by island visitors.
• Design of urban transport network using electric urban buses.
• Design of a common bicycle system for rent and link to public transport.
• Measures to reduce the plastics used.
• Promoting Recycling (and especially plastic) by installing recycling points with a reward system for citizens who recycle.

All the above, however far they may sound, can be implemented gradually within one or more energy communities with the participation of region and municipalities. Energy communities enable bodies of self-government to be involved in energy investments, offering financial tools for their implementation.

The environment is the most important thing for our children and we must not allow it to be compromised. We call on all parties to claim the municipality (or its municipalities) to agree on the above points and to all commit that, the next day, we will all be together in the fight for environmental protection.

In Closing, we were collectively involved in the campaign against mining in the ionian sea coordinating the social workshop traverso and the open assembly cephalonia – Ithaca against the extraction of hydrocarbons, participating in the 26 January event in the bell square.

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