The president of the Medical Association Sofia Zafeiratou for coronavirus cases, the molecular analyzer and the use of a mask

“We are still in good shape”

Ms. Zafeiratou referred to the course of the coronavirus in Greece but especially in Kefalonia, claiming that “we are in good condition but need a lot of attention in August.” He also pointed out that we will definitely have several cases and they should be manageable. “I think the mechanism of restraint and self-restraint worked well. There are also those who are irresponsible, “said the president in an attempt to explain why so far the situation is manageable and added that the procedures and protocols are followed properly.

“Those doctors who come are not treated well”

The president was invited to comment on the statements of the Commander of the 6th RAE Mr. Karvelis, regarding the bad behavior of the doctors who come to Kefalonia. Ms. Zafeiratou replied that this is largely true. At the same time, he called on Mr. Karvelis if he has ascertained any other internal issue to intervene and provide a solution.

The molecular analyzer has been in operation for a week

Regarding recent announcements that the molecular analyzer of the Hospital is not working, our guest confirmed it, while emphasizing that from next week it will work normally. He explained that this machine is only for those who have serious symptoms and not for someone who thinks he has coronavirus.

The mask protects but…

Ms. Zafeiratou wanted to understand why the mask was imposed and whether it really protects, as many views have been expressed. Specifically, he pointed out: “The mask protects others and not us. However with the mask we are less likely to receive a large viral load. The mask has a role: it protects us from transmitting the virus and receiving a lower viral load. “

The president of the medical association called on the people to protect themselves and others, repeating the ways of personal protection and hygiene :

-Distances, let’s forget parties and festivals this year

-Use a mask and

-Washing hands

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