The price of heating oil is on fire – With a 45% increase, the distribution starts on Friday

Heating oil is on fire in the pockets of consumers the distribution of which officially begins on October 15.

The price of crude oil, which shows daily upward trends, has caused a domino increase in its derivatives and other essential products. With time counting down as the distribution of heating oil officially begins next Friday households will be asked to pay much more money than last year to keep warm.

According to the data so far, the price of heating oil will be increased compared to October 2020 from 40-45% in Attica and other major urban centers and all this while no one is yet able to know how the international markets will move in the coming days.

The distribution of heating oil will start on Friday. For me th estimate is over 1.15 euros for large urban centers, over 1.20 euros for the region and over 1.30 euros for island Greece. Last year it was 0.80 euros for large urban centers from 0.88-0.90 euros in the region and one euro in the islands. In Athens the price started at 80 minutes and has reached 1.15 euros. It’s 35 minutes to 80 minutes, so we are talking about at least a 40% increase “, says the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Gas Stations, George Asmatoglou, to

Continuing, Mr. Asmatoglou talks about smaller quantities of heating oil purchase by consumers who in the coming period will be faced with a series of price increases.
We do not know how prices will move next, I can not discount further increases. But the course is upward. It is seen internationally that the barrel has reached close to 84 dollars. A week ago, its price was $ 80 and the day before yesterday it reached $ 83.52 “, says the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Petrol Stations and continuing:

People will get oil. There will be orders. But the quantities will be small because there is no financial possibility. Today the price of crude oil a barrel reached 84 dollars, at night it can close at 84.5 dollars.

In Athens and in the big urban centers last year the consumer needed 800 euros to buy 1000 liters of oil. This year he will have to pay 1150 euros for the same amount, ie 350 euros more. Respectively in the province and in the island of Greece they will have to allocate 1200 and 1300 euros for the 1000 liters of oil. Here the increase compared to 2020 will be 300-320 euros.

However gasoline is also moving upwards as day by day its selling price skyrockets more and more. On October 10, 2020, the average price per liter was 1,424 euros. Yesterday, October 10, 2021 the average selling price of one liter was sold at 1,735 euros, while 10 days ago it did not exceed 1,682 euros. But petrol is also high. We say tax cuts. Do you want VAT do you want excise tax we ask for a reduction of taxes in general , adds the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Gas Station Owners, George Asmatoglou.

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