The production of masks in Greece starts on April 25 – Ensure you have some there is likely to be restrictions in supply


The Kefalonia Pulse comment – While not promoting a mad rush its potentially worthwhile ensuring you have a few masks, we purchased ours this morning in the local pharmacy at Vlahata, there is clear consensus in national papers that face masks will be required to be worn in confined spaces as part of the curfew lifting measures.


We are not going to go back to our old life immediately until the vaccine is found and a large part of the population becomes immune. Both masks and disposable gloves and antiseptics and distances will be needed. In general, we will follow rules for a very long time, said this morning the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, in interviews with ERT1, on the television stations Open and Alpha 989.

He added that we will go step by step to relaxation and discipline is necessary. Because the virus works unexpectedly, we should not relax in our central goal and we, as the Ministry of Development, when the experts point out the timetable for the relaxation of the measures, we will immediately implement it.

Heating oil

Asked if the government was considering extending the heating allowance, which expires in April, and benefiting consumers from the low prices currently being set, the minister said it was a thought being considered by the government. . He also noted that prices have fallen at gas stations following international prices, while on food prices, he said that there are indeed some increases due to the measures taken by the world in the fight against coronavirus, but stressed that daily inspections by the General Secretariat for Commerce and Consumer Protection to avoid scandal and asked any consumer who detects such a phenomenon to report it immediately to the call center 1520. 

On April 25, the production of masks begins

The Minister announced that yesterday, with the intervention of the Ministries of Health and Development, the receipt of machinery from China took place, in order to produce health safety masks from a large production plant in Greece. As the minister said, it will be the first mask manufacturing plant for the corona in our country and the production will be 9 million pieces of masks per month. The units are located in Larissa and Thrace and production will start on April 25, while Mr. Georgiadis said “we are trying to help people make a second factory to make the raw material for the masks because the raw material is imported. ».

“Not all demand is covered but it is a good first step to have adequate adequacy,” he said.

He continued that 11 million masks were registered in the electronic stock recording system yesterday, so, as he said, at the moment there is a sufficiency of masks in our country but, as he explained, today the masks are expensive, because the number may be large but If we all start wearing masks, the number automatically turns into a small one for the needs of the market. He added that the government is preparing so that there are no problems in the next period when the quarantine will stop and we will need more masks.

Source: RES-EIA

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