The project “BIOMNIMES” and the Centennial Olive groves and Olive Trees in the Ionian

The Ionian University implements a program, in the framework of the Ionian Islands Operational Program (NSRF 2014-2020), with the main goal of protecting and promoting the Monumental Olive groves (MES), as ecosystems of high ecological and cultural value, inextricably linked to history and the cultural heritage of the place.

The project is implemented in all the islands of the Ionian Islands Region and is entitled “BIOMNIMES”: The Monumental Olive groves and Olive trees – Recording, Capturing, Dating and Promoting them as high value ecosystems “.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the conservation and protection of Perennial Olive groves & olive trees (HR) and their biodiversity, while promoting practices of efficient use of resources and services provided by ecosystems in human societies.

HRs in the Ionian Sea are cradles of culture and are inextricably linked to local communities and the local economy, while at the same time being a key link in the connection with alternative tourism and sustainable development in the Ionian Islands Region (PIN).

Their timeless value, their productivity, the stories they have to tell, the manners and customs associated with the areas where they are located, will be studied in the context of the project. At the same time, mapping will be carried out in the entire Ionian region and especially in the following islands: Corfu, Cephalonia, Ithaca, Paxos, Zakynthos. The arboriculture of selected monumental olive trees by the carbon 14 (C14) method, in all study islands, will provide data on the timeless role of olives and olive cultivation in the Ionian Islands. The study of their health-protective characteristics in olive oil, can highlight the special nutritional value of the product and give added value to olive oil as well as improving its competitive commercial identity. In addition, Within the framework of the project, a handbook with good practices for the management of HR will be prepared, so that this contributes to their protection and to ensure the gap that exists in the training of producers. Environmental education, awareness and information material will be created for wider social groups. Finally, the construction of a HR route in the Ionian Sea and on each island separately, will contribute to alternative development and sustainable tourism in the areas, strengthening local communities.

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