The rainiest Kefalonia Autumn in the last decade

According to our station records, this autumn was the most rainy in the last decade.
-SEPTEMBER: 19.3mm smallest amount of rain ever recorded this month (maximum amount 425.8mm SEPTEMBER 2020/JAN).
– OCTOBER: 376,4mm new record of total rainfall for this month (previous record 206.2mm OCTOBER/2016).
– NOVEMBER: 284.0mm the second largest quantity ever recorded this month (record 343.3mm NOVEMBER/2013).
Overall, this Autumn we had 679.7mm(1mm=1 ton of water per acre) and as we previously mentioned it ranked first in the fall of 2016 in which 641.6mm was recorded now to the second place.
Regarding the temperature, we had the following:
-September: 23.5c Average temperature
-October: 18.0c Average temperature / The coldest October in the last decade (18.2c OCTOBER 2014 and 2017).
-November: 16.6c Average temperature / The hottest November in the last decade (previous record 16,3c NOVEMBER 2012).
Average temperature of the Autumn 19.36c – Very close to the average season.
Finally we would like to note that the above data is based on our station records while there will be areas with larger or smaller amounts of rain as well as different temperatures.
Source – kefaloniaweather

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