The Red beetles have Beat the Municipality,all Palms Being Removed

The beautiful palm trees of Rizospaston Avenue will soon be a past, as the Municipal Authority began yesterday, because they can no longer cope with the “red beetles” they are constantly catching.
Thus, one of the most beautiful Avenues of the World, Rizospaston Avenue, will also lose its palms, as it was with the Central Square, the Kambana Square, the Port Authority, Kutabo and other places.
As the Mayor of Alexandros Parissis said yesterday, the Municipal Authority is concerned whether or not healthy palm trees will be cut apart from the dead on Rizospaston Avenue as it will be difficult to cut them after the works have been completed, the renovation of the Avenue.
The Municipal Authority is focusing on cutting all the palm trees of L. Rizospaston, because despite the medication it spends, there can be no treatment of the red beetle.
The mayor also added that the Municipality has spent a bunch of money on the drug Confidor against the beetle, which spreads its sprays and to the detriment of citizens’ health.

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