The Regional Operational Center for Civil Protection in Lefkada for the effective support of all the islands

” It is a satisfaction that the Regional Operational Center for Civil Protection was decided to be established in the Region of the Ionian Islands and not opposite Lefkada as was possible in the initial planning. The primary goal, which we serve faithfully in many ways and means, is the cohesion of our Region, the effectiveness of actions and needs as well as the service of all the islands of the Region “, said the Regional Governor.

The Governor informed the Regional Council that the establishment of the Regional Operational Centers for Civil Protection according to the government plan constitutes a single network of Regional Operational Centers for Civil Protection of the country and this special issue is handled exclusively by the Ministry of Civil Protection and the Minister of Civil Affairs. Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias in the context of the central planning of the Government which decides on their role and funding.

He clarified that these Regional Operational Centers for Civil Protection are not a choice and responsibility of the Regions of the country, but of the central Government as a network of Operational Centers for the 13 Regions, which means that the choices of their places of operation, their role and They are funded by the competent Ministry and do not depend on the seat of the administration of the Region, while the Regional Commanders of Fire and Police will continue to be at the seat of the Region, continuing their work with responsibilities in administrative and executive matters.

Regarding the selection of Lefkada, as clarified by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, it ensures the central location of this critical operational infrastructure, while at the same time allowing smooth and continuous operational readiness through a road network that connects the island with mainland Greece.

He also noted that the continuous and seamless, regardless of conditions, road connection, is an important operational advantage, as the Regional Civil Protection Operational Centers , in addition to their operational role, will be the main storage area for materials necessary in case of immediate response to crisis management, on all islands.

The announcement of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection also clarifies that Lefkada is geographically located in the center of the Region and has easy communication due to the bridge, both with Ioannina where the Coordinator of Fire Operations of Epirus, Western Macedonia and Islands is responsible for Operation Paxos and Lefkada, as well as Patras, where the Coordinator of Firefighting Operations of Western Greece, Peloponnese – Ionian Islands, responsible for Kefallinia, Ithaca and Zakynthos. It will also be able to cooperate with the Air Resources and Search and Rescue base based in Aktio and Araxos.

Transferring the information from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, the Regional Governor also noted that the planned Local Centers for each Regional Unit will not necessarily have their headquarters in the headquarters of each Regional Unit but the selected place within the Regional Unit based again business data.

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