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Shelf cloud / Photo: Instagram @yiorgoskini
A giant cloud covered the sky in Attica today, shortly before the thunderstorm that struck many areas. This cloud is called the shelf cloud.

It is a large cloud, which makes a strange formation and gives the feeling that it is approaching the ground. Many were shocked looking up into the sky and recording this unique sight with their cell phones, while their photos flooded social media.

The view of the huge cloud was breathtaking. Snapshot from Kallithea, Theseus Avenue / Photo: Katerina Angelou / / Facebook

What is a shelf cloud
According to the US National Weather Service, the feature of the shelf cloud is the heavy rainfall accompanied by high winds. In fact, it is usually preceded by a strong wind followed by a thunderstorm.

As the storm entered the Attica basin. Photo taken by Panagiotis Bavaris on Alimos beach.

These clouds are caused by abrupt movements of hot and cold gases. They look impressive, maybe even scary, and many confuse them with a tornado. But most of the time they are safe. They disappear as fast as they appear. So even now, after the storm the cloud was gone.

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