The ship containing the wind turbines has left Sami along with all the lorries and lifting equipment (videos) bit it may be back in November!

A great victory for the people and the movement of Kefalonia. The trucks that would carry the new wind turbines are leaving.
The boat on which they are loaded will soon be leaving. It turns out that no struggle is wasted as long as there is faith in the goal and organization!!!!
A big defeat for all local government representatives who even at the last moment adopted the threats and views of the oligarchs of the wind.
P.S. We are still waiting for the reply of the President of the Port Fund of Kefalonia and Ithaca Michalatos to the application we had made as the Ithaca People’s Group for 13 days for the extraordinary convening of the BoD on the ship’s removal.
Comments of Tassos Kavallieratos from today’s departure of the ship
However in another news report today it has been commented 
The ship with the wind turbines may have left the port of Sami today and the movement is celebrating, but according to what was said on Cosmos fm radio, Dimitris Karagoules, a representative of the company that has undertaken the installation, said that a new ship will arrive in early November. with the wind turbines while he revealed that the Municipality of Sami will be required the money lost from the long stay of the ship (the amount exceeds 360,000 euros).
Source – FB post of Τάσος Γερασίμου Καβαλλιεράτος

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