The ship with about 50 immigrants left Atheras

A strange case took place in the last 24 hours off Kefalonia.

An old boat, with about 50 suffering migrants, was found sailing off Kefalonia. Due to the bad weather, he asked to rest in the bay of Atheras. In fact, he told the authorities that it is a fishing boat that just wanted to stay on the spot for a few days until the bad weather is over. He did not ask for any help for this and the port did not take any action.

Yesterday, early in the morning, he left for an unknown destination under the discreet supervision of a naval vessel. According to the report, the most probable destination is the open beaches of Italy.

The incident has been reported to the competent authorities, the Ministry of Shipping, as well as Frontex.

Note: 8 minors are also on board. The presence of the residents of Paliki who ran to give food, medicine and blankets to the helpless immigrants was touching.

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