The shops are open, what will open next -The scenarios for schools, catering, travel to prefectures

Opened, with rules, today the market and stores are fully operational, after almost 2.5 months.

And while the discounts have already started, retailers opened their stores early today with masks and antiseptics, and welcome customers, based on the limits set for the number of people who can be in the store at a time.

Despite the bitter cold, consumers seem to have celebrated this first day of store opening, forming queues in many cases.

“In the turnovers I am sure that we will do well, the discounts will be very successful, my anxiety is how we will go epidemiologically”, stressed Mr. Georgiadis speaking to SKAI.

The basic restrictions include the SMS that must be sent by anyone who wants to go to the shops. The SMS with the code 2 at 13033 gives the right for a two-hour walk in the shops.

Hairdressers, beauty salons, nail shops and diet centers are also open from today.

Note that the two-hour restriction does not apply to hairdressers.

What will follow
After the retail, according to the so-called professors of the infectious disease committee, it seems that the schools will open for opening in about two weeks, and the cafes/restaurants from February. On the table is still the removal of travel from prefecture to prefecture and the opening of ski resorts, as revealed today by Adonis Georgiadis. All this on the condition that things will go well and there will be no epidemiological outbreak.

What will happen to the schools
Gymnasiums and lyceums (since the Ministry of Education has clarified that it is difficult to open only the 3rd Lyceum, as it is taught by teachers who do the same in the other classes), if all goes well and there is no resurgence it seems that will open in two weeks, based on the words of Professor Charalambos Gogos.

The professor also put in the discussion the factor of the weather which, as he said, will make things difficult.

According to Mr. Gogos, the committee’s suggestion was a next step and the state wanted the economy to start first and then the schools and the rest. “We were affected by the financial situation in relation to the schools, there was also the priority of the schools, but things are difficult in the economy,” he explained.

” The next opening will be the 3rd Lyceum , after the lyceums and after the gymnasiums”, he explained. However, in case of overcrowding, the whole of Attica will be closed, the measures will be horizontal, said Nikos Sypsas.

What will happen to catering (cafes & restaurants)
Charalambos Gogos said today that catering goes a little further back, in February. However, everyone clarifies that the restaurant, if and when it opens, will operate only outdoors, something that Adonis Georgiadis repeated today, calling on businessmen to use the program to purchase radiators.

“When we open the restaurant, we will open from the outside, there is a subsidy for radiators,” he noted. “We are still far from the opening of the restaurant, we are not close”, clarified Mr. Georgiadis.

At the table fir change this Friday travel between prefectures and opening ski resorts
Next Friday, at the meeting of the committee , the issue of the operation of the ski resorts will be raised , the Minister of Development also stated. “The transfer from prefecture to prefecture has been discussed in the committee. “One of the plans we have is, if the epidemic allows it, to open the ski resorts, because it is a seasonal activity and they can not exist without movement”, he clarified.

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